Sights set on becoming science teacher

Kylie Do, Augustus Short Scholarship recipient

Kylie knew she wanted to be a high school teacher since Year 12. With the help of the University of Adelaide’s Augustus Short Scholarship, the Bachelor or Teaching (Secondary) and Bachelor of Science (Honours) graduate is well on her way to realising this dream.

“The Augustus Short Scholarship allowed me to focus on my studies, as I didn’t have to worry about finding employment.” Kylie said.

Kylie reflects on her childhood and the impact her parents had on her career aspirations. 

“I grew up in a Vietnamese household where education was a priority. Going into university, I wanted to maintain this strong work ethic,” she said. 

During the third year of her double degree, Kylie realised she had a passion for science and wanted to undertake a research component as part of her studies. 

“I was initially scared of doing research, but the Honours in Science made it less scary. 

“Knowing I was able to be supported with the Augustus Short Scholarship, I felt I could tackle this challenge while being financially supported.

“I would not have done Honours if it wasn’t for the scholarship. It allowed me to focus on my studies and spend less time undertaking casual work. The Honours also gave me the confidence to continue and undertake a PhD.”

Career highlights

“After completing my honours, I was surprised to find that I really enjoyed research and it had been a highlight of my studies. So, I applied for a PhD in Science Education.” Kylie said.

With a shortage of high school science teachers in Australia, there is high demand for educators capable of shaping the next generation of scientists. 

As Kylie will soon discover once she finishes her PhD next year and becomes a high school science teacher, the University’s Bachelor of Teaching (Secondary) with Bachelor of Science prepares students to take on this stimulating and vital role.

Life after university

“Even though my path to becoming a teacher has turned out to be quite unexpected, my career preference has not changed, and I am determined to become a high school science and maths teacher once I complete my PhD.” Kylie said.

A message for our donor community

I would like to use this opportunity and humbly thank the generous people funding the Augustus Short Scholarships, past and future. I am so grateful for the financial support I have received - it has had an immense impact on me, my studies, and the fun I’ve had at the University of Adelaide. Kylie


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