Overcoming adversity to nurse the community to health

Student Emergency Fund recipient, Georgia

In 2021, against all odds, Bachelor of Nursing student Georgia celebrated with her peers as they finished the final class of their degree. Only months earlier, Georgia was experiencing extreme financial hardship, questioning how she could keep her finances afloat while studying. Having relocated from Port Victoria to attend University, Georgia’s support network in Adelaide was limited. The combined toll of the pandemic, poor health and a demanding work schedule was overwhelming for Georgia, who is a type 1 diabetic.

“Before I could finish my degree, I needed to complete a six-week clinical placement. Because of the pandemic, the placement was delayed, and I was faced with a situation where I needed to take time off work to undertake it. Without regular income from my part-time job as a nursing assistant, I couldn’t meet my basic needs such as food, rent and medicine. At $200 a month for insulin and medical supplies, normally I would work as much as possible to pay for these necessities,” Georgia said.

When Georgia received a Student Emergency Fund grant in March 2021, it was a lifeline during an extremely challenging time.

“Before the emergency grant, there were times where I had to ration insulin doses just to be able to afford transport. Because of the grant, I could pay for life-sustaining medicine and undertake a placement where I learnt clinical skills, which are essential to be an effective Registered Nurse. These skills have been instrumental as I navigate working in a hospital during a global pandemic. Stress, overcrowding and understaffing within our healthcare system is at an all-time high, but the hands-on experience I’ve gained through clinical placements and my job has prepared me for challenging times to come,” she said.

“The Student Emergency Fund helps students who are trying to better themselves through education, despite financial challenges. We find ourselves torn, knowing that education is our best chance to improve our financial circumstance, but needing to prioritise paid work to meet our immediate needs. I am so thankful to everyone who contributed to the Student Emergency Fund, empowering me to prioritise my education.

“If you can contribute to the Student Emergency Fund, please do. Every donation makes a difference to students in crisis,” Georgia said.

Georgia and Elaine standing in front of Elder Hall

Student Emergency Fund donor, Elaine, with Georgia.

You never know what life will bring, including unexpected challenges that can weigh heavily on young people as they start out at university. Donations, big and small, help somebody when they need it most.Elaine, Student Emergency Fund donor
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