The love of music

Ruth Schuetz

The love of music was instilled in Ruth Schuetz (Diploma of Arts and Education, 1950) as a child, a connection that endured throughout her life. 

Ruth’s daughter Miranda said, “My mum’s father loved music. He chose the church the family attended based on which one had the best music. It was a life passion he passed on to mum and her sister Mary.”

For more than ten years, Ruth and Mary attended the Elder Lunchtime series together. Miranda affectionately recalls how her mum and aunt would take the bus to the city, have lunch together at the café near the museum, then walk down to the concert in Elder Conservatorium.

“Mum went to all the Elder Lunchtime concerts, except when it clashed with book club. She loved the joy of music, which connected her back to her childhood. After each concert she would describe the music to me – she was always delighted by the young musicians.”

“Later, when my aunt was no longer able to attend due to declining health, I would go and enjoy them with her,” she said.

In 2020 at the age of 95, Ruth passed away leaving a gift in her Will to the Elder Lunchtime concert series, a gift that allows the Elder Conservatorium to continue to invest in the music and musicians that Ruth adored.

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