A balancing act

Stacey, Student Emergency Fund recipient

Balancing the responsibilities and busy schedule of being the full-time carer for her 10-year-old son who has disabilities, while also managing her own health conditions, and studying a PhD in Psychology, has meant Stacey is unable to undertake paid work to support her studies. 

Stacey reached crisis point earlier this year when faced with unforeseen expenses which impacted her and her son’s health and wellbeing.

Stacey, Student Emergency Fund recipient

“Early in my studies, for my and my son’s safety, we left a domestic violence situation and started our lives over. This has continued to impact our lives and increased the daily pressures and stress that have affected my ability to continue studying, Stacey said.

“With the encouragement of my PhD Supervisor, I applied for and received a Student Emergency Grant at the University of Adelaide. This was a lifeline and provided vital support that changed my life.”

I am so grateful to be able to have the opportunity to have this education. The University of Adelaide is significant to me in so many ways, it is a safe place and has given me the tools to create a better life for my son.”Stacey, Student Emergency Fund recipient
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