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Sport has been an integral part of University life since the University Boat Club was founded in 1881.

Our sporting clubs promote healthy, active lifestyles and athletic excellence for our students, children in the South Australian community and our alumni.

Why support our clubs?

The University Sports Fund (USF) provides grants to our sporting clubs and associations. These organisations play a very important role in:

  • offering students universal access to sport
  • fostering sporting excellence in children, young adults, men and women
  • cultivating talented athletes to represent the University, state and country

You can make a gift to the University Sports Fund online, or download the giving form.

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You can make a difference

Our sporting clubs urgently need assistance to purchase new equipment, develop sporting programs, offer scholarships and maintain their facilities. When you make a gift to the University Sports Fund, you are directly supporting our committed and talented sporting clubs, including:

  • AU Sport

    In 1896, the Adelaide University Sports Association (now AU Sport) was established. Today, AU Sport has 37 clubs under its umbrella.

    Affectionately known as "The Blacks", AU Sport manages seven venues across South Australia, has an independent board, and takes great pride in promoting a healthy lifestyle on campus.

    When you nominate AU Sport as the preferred beneficiary of your gift, you will be supporting all of our sporting clubs, including those not listed here.

    Give to AU Sport

  • Adelaide University Boat Club

    Established in 1881, our Boat Club is one of Australia's oldest rowing institutions. The club proudly counts both state and national representatives among its membership. Adelaide University Boat Club members strive for excellence, and are renowned for their dedication to their sport. 

    The club needs support to purchase new boats and to fund shed space for equipment storage.

    Give to the boat club

  • Adelaide University Cricket Club

    Founded in 1907, the Adelaide University Cricket Club (AUCC) has a proud history as one of the longest established clubs of the South Australian Cricket Association (SACA). The AUCC also fields four teams in the Adelaide Turf Cricket Competition (ATCC) and one Women's SACA 2nd grade T20 and One Day Team. The club offers opportunities for players of all levels to participate.

    The club needs support to fund coaching development, offer scholarships to promising student players to progress them to representative honours, and to purchase equipment including helmets and starter kits for students.

    Give to AUCC

  • Adelaide University Football Club

    The Adelaide University Football Club is Australia's largest AFL club, including six senior men's teams that compete in the SA Amateur Football League, and three senior women's teams that compete in the SA Women's Football League, every week.

    The club consists of more than 400 registered players every season, with players ranging from social to serious. The club needs support to fund equipment purchases.

    Give to the football club

  • Adelaide University Gliding Club

    With origins dating back to the 1920’s, the Adelaide University Gliding Club aims to make the sport of gliding as accessible and affordable as possible for members who share a passion for this sport.

    Your gift will directly support the purchase of equipment. 

    Give to the gliding club

  • Adelaide University Gridiron Club

    Also known as American football, the Adelaide University Gridiron Club prides itself on its inclusive culture. Players of all skill levels and experience are offered the chance to participate.

    The club's senior team recently completed a historic five-peat premiership run, and its junior under-18 team secured back to back titles.

    Give to the gridiron club

  • Adelaide University Gymnastics & Cheerleading Club

    Recently adding cheerleading to its repertoire, the club has seen an influx in members. Located across two gyms, the cheerleading branch boasts more than 35 members across six teams. The club secured third place in the 2017 National competition and has set its sights even higher for the years to come. 

    The Adelaide University Gymnastics & Cheerleading Club urgently needs support to purchase equipment, including mats to cover the sprung floors that are a vital part of the club's success.

    Give to the gymnastics and cheerleading club

  • Adelaide University Hockey Club

    The Adelaide University Hockey Club was established in 1912 and is one of South Australia's oldest continuing hockey clubs. With more than 200 members, the club proudly fields teams ranging from under 9 mixed teams, through to men's and women's teams competing in the Premier League - the highest level of competition in South Australia. 

    The club needs support to maintain its grounds in West Beach, and to provide development opportunities to talented players.

    Give to the hockey club

  • Adelaide University Judo Club

    Our Judo Club offers training for beginners to advanced players, catering to those who are interested in taking up judo as a sport, for fitness, or as a martial art. The Judo Club is proud that 75% of its members are current students. 

    The club needs support to establish a dedicated facility with a suitable and permanent mat area. The mat alone will cost approximately $12,000, and the entire project will need $40,000 to be funded.

    Give to the judo club

  • Adelaide University Motorsport Club

    One of the University's newer clubs, the Adelaide University Motorsport Club was formed in 2015 to provide a hub for motorsport enthusiasts on campus, and to provide support for the continuation of the Formula SAE team.

    In 2018, the club undertook an ambitious project: designing and building an electric vehicle to compete in the 2018 Formula SAE Australasia competition. Support from donors helped make this a reality.

    Give to the motorsport club

  • Adelaide University Scuba Diving Club

    The Scuba Diving Club offers underwater enthusiasts the chance to get into the water. The club welcomes all-comers, from beginners who love to snorkel to diving instructors.

    The club offers dive and snorkel trips all year round, discounted equipment hire and organises South Australia's only interstate underwater rugby team, the Adelaide White Pointers. The club needs support to build shelters for the clubs' two boats to provide UV protection while at sea, and to buy a towing vehicle that will increase the club's capacity to offer dive activities.

    Give to the scuba diving club

  • Adelaide University Soccer Club

    As the University's largest sporting club, the Adelaide University Soccer Club proudly hosts more than 40 teams for men, women, girls and boys. Led by experienced coaches and growth-orientated thinkers, the club offers players of all levels of experience the chance to play.

    Founded in 1936, the club proudly supports a range of innovative junior programs to encourage young Australians to stay active. The club needs support to fund equipment purchases and ensure the junior programs can be delivered.

    Give to the soccer club

  • Adelaide University Waterski Club

    The Adelaide University Waterski Club has been offering students and the broader South Australian community the opportunity to develop their water sports skills since 1963.

    The club hosts more than 20 events every year, based in Murray Bridge and Morgan. Support is urgently needed to fund equipment ranging from life jackets, wetsuits and helmets, to ropes, skis and wakeboards.

    Give to the waterski club

  • Park 12 Redevelopment (Cricket/Football)

    Our cricket and football facilities have supported great successes over the years. Both clubs have experienced significant growth in recent years including the introduction of a first grade women’s premier cricket team and Division 1 football team. To accommodate the growth, a two stage plan will be implemented to update the facilities.


    Stage one: Refurbishment of grandstand change rooms, relocation of cricket nets to open up a third oval at Park 12 and increase playing and training opportunities.

    Project Cost: $1.13M

    Project Start Date: 2022


    Stage two: Clubrooms, change rooms and umpire facilities to be developed between oval one and two at Park 12. This facility will provide accessible clubrooms, meeting rooms and 2 sets of unisex changerooms.

    Estimated Project Cost: $5M

    Project Start Date: 2023/24


    Give to the Park 12 Redevelopment

  • Waite Clubrooms Redevelopment

    Due to the rapid expansion of rugby, touch, gridiron and soccer, a user group consultation was completed in 2021 to develop a masterplan for the Waite sportsground. The masterplan proposes a new 1,300m², two storey facility in the centre of the western boundary. The new clubrooms feature a larger and more functionally laid out floorplan to effectively cater to the number of participants who utilise the grounds. The new facilities will include a clubroom function area, four new changerooms with adjoining showers and toilets, referee changerooms, meeting rooms and offices, easily accessible storage areas, a new gym with fitness classrooms, a kitchen, bar and canteen, a first aid room and a grandstand.


    The playing fields are proposed to be completely resurfaced, including the stripping of existing turf, a new 100mm sand layer, 300mm imported topsoil and instant turf. The irrigation across playing fields is proposed to be upgraded to improve the grounds water management. This will ensure better playing surfaces for users, reducing injuries and allowing for easier maintenance of the grounds as they will not be torn up as much in the winter months. Sports lighting of sufficient lux levels (200lux) is proposed to be installed around the entire perimeter of the oval in order to provide a safe playing surface which can be utilised after dark. Improvement to lighting will allow for longer training hours and more games to be held at Waite Oval and would allow for ground usage to be dispersed across the site more evenly, which would help to maintain the playing surfaces. It will also provide a safer playing environment as well as improving the sites safety and visibility overall.


    Estimated Project Cost: $12M

    Stage one estimated start date: 2023/24


    Give to the Waite Clubrooms Redevelopment

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