Is Hydrogen the next future fuel?

Future Fuels CRC

Centre for Global Food and Resources (CGFAR)  Research Chair in  Environmental and Water Policy Prof Mike Young has led a study in collaboration with Anthony Kosturjak, Dr Tania Dey  and  Steve Whetton from South Australian Centre for Economic Studies (SACES)  to explore rapid advances globally in the development of hydrogen as a future source of energy.

The report titled 'Advancing Hydrogen: Learning from 19 plans to advance hydrogen from across the globe' was commissioned and released by the Future Fuels Cooperative Research Centre (FFCRC) highlights learnings from 19 separate hydrogen strategies and industry roadmaps (including EU’s broader decarbonisation strategy) and is written with a view to helping people understand how nations, regions and industries are thinking about opportunities to become involved in this emerging industry.

According to Prof Mike Young who led this research, “Hydrogen has been a long-sought-after fuel source because of its ability to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions but, until now, it hasn’t proven viable. There is now genuine excitement around the world that hydrogen will play a substantial role in the global energy system with more widespread adoption of hydrogen as a means to access energy. Governments are investing heavily in the development of hydrogen technology and planning to produce it from renewable sources of energy”.

There is hope that this report will help Australia consider the opportunities for hydrogen and identify ways to collaborate with other countries.

Centre for Global Food and Resources (CGFAR)  is a key partner in the interdisciplinary team of researchers and research centres from the University of Adelaide in the Future Fuels CRC. The interdisciplinary research will lead to more efficient and cheaper ways to produce renewable fuels such as hydrogen, while also identifying viable options for maximising the re-use of existing infrastructure assets, including domestic, commercial and industrial gas pipelines.  

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You can read the full report here

The University of Adelaide media release on the report is available here  


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