Recent publications

Here are some of the most recent publications produced by the team at The Centre for Global Foods and Resources (GFAR) and our colleagues.

GFAR team members are listed in bold type.

Abebe, F., Zuo, A., Wheeler, S., Bjornlund, H., Rooyen, A., Pittock, J., Mdemu, M and Chilundo, M. (2020). Irrigators’ willingness to pay for the adoption of soil moisture monitoring tools in South-Eastern Africa, International Journal of Water Resources Development, DOI: 10.1080/07900627.2020.1755956.

Courtney M. Regan, Jeffery D. Connor, David M. Summers, Claire Settre, Patrick J. O’Connor, Timothy R. Cavagnaro (2020) The influence of crediting and permanence periods on Australian forest-based carbon offset supply. Land Use Policy, 97, 104800.

Harou, J., Matthews, J., Mark Smith, D., McDonnell, R., Borgomeo, E., Sara, J., Mike D. Young., Vicuña, S. (2020). Water at COP25: Resilience enables climate change adaptation through better planning, governance and finance. Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers: Water Management, 173(2), 55-58.

Loch, A. Perez-Blanco, D. Carmody, E. Felbab-Brown, V. Adamson, D. Seidl, C. Grand theft water and the calculus of compliance, Nature Sustainability (2020),

Loch, A. Santato, S. Pérez-Blanco, D. and Mysiak, J. 2020, Measuring the transaction costs of historical shifts to informal institutions for drought management in Italy, Water, 12(7), 1866.

Ma, J., Sheng, G.D., O'Connor, P. (2020) Microplastics combined with tetracycline in soils facilitate the formation of antibiotic resistance in the Enchytraeus crypticus microbiome Environmental Pollution Environmental Pollution, Vol 264 (2020)

Maligalig, R., Demont, M., Umberger, W., Peralta, A. Understanding Filipino Rice Farmer Preference Heterogeneity for Varietal Trait Improvements: A Latent Class Analysis. Journal of Agricultural Economics.

Morales, E.L., Griffiths, G., Fleming, E., Mounter, S., Wright, V., & Umberger, W. (2020). Preferences for Certified Beef with Animal Welfare and Other Credence Attributes in Australia. Journal on Food System Dynamics, Vol 11, No.3 (2020)

Umberger, W., Rupa, J., & Zeng, D. (2020). Understanding food westernisation and other contemporary drivers of adult, adolescent and child nutrition quality in urban Vietnam. Public Health Nutrition, 1-13. doi:10.1017/S1368980020001354

Sitti Rahma Ma'mun, Adam Loch, Michael D. Young (2020) 'Robust irrigation system institutions: A global comparison', Global Environmental Change, 64, September 2020.

Our aim is to share links to GFAR’s publications here in a regular update, but please note that some may have restrictions around access.

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