Food Insights Quarterly (FoodIQ) is a 3-monthly online survey of Australian food shoppers.

The flexible survey instrument is designed to be responsive to current food issues and trends. It is the ideal platform for generating rapid consumer insights and providing an up-to-date understanding of the constantly evolving food-related views and behaviours of Australian consumers.

FoodIQ is an initiative of the University of Adelaide’s Centre for Global Food and Resources (CGFAR).

Our vision

FoodIQ exists to produce insights that can help the food industry, food regulators/policy makers and health professionals better match information provision and product development to consumer needs.

The project is led by:

The first round of FoodIQ data was collected in September 2018. FoodIQ data will continue to be collected every three months, allowing CGFAR to track food-related concerns and behaviour across the seasons.

Each time, we ask around 1000 Australian food shoppers about their:

  • Household food expenditure
  • Personal food consumption
  • Changes to meat/protein consumption patterns and reasons for change
  • Food choice drivers
  • Concerns about various food issues including food safety and novel production methods
  • Awareness and understanding of food labelling
  • Trusted information sources
  • Environmental views and actions

Respondents are recruited by a reputable online panel provider (Survey Sampling International), who ensure the study sample is nationally-representative with respect to gender, age and location (metropolitan vs. other, and distribution across Australia).

The insights generated by the FoodIQ research are expected to be of interest to various stakeholders in:

  • the food industry,
  • the food regulatory sector and
  • public health

CGFAR looks forward to partnering with individuals and organisations who may be interested in asking specific food-related questions or addressing broader food-related issues in future rounds of the FoodIQ survey.

A dedicated FoodIQ website will be live soon and will be a first point-of-contact for future partners and anyone interested in the latest FoodIQ findings.

In the mean-time, feel free to contact:

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