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Extension of Ethics Approval

Ethics approval is granted for a period of three years subject to annual progress reporting. Applications for an extension of approval should be submitted prior to the expiry date of ethics approval to allow the HREC sufficient time to undertake the ethical review.

To extend existing ethics approval for another three year period, the researcher is required to complete:

Both forms should be saved separately as PDF documents and emailed to the HREC Secretariat at

Extension of Ethics Approval for HDR students

For projects involving higher degree students, current ethics approval needs to be maintained for the duration of candidature up until submission of their thesis/PhD. An extension of approval should be obtained when the research cannot be completed in the existing ethics approval period.

For students in the writing up stage of their higher degree and no further interactions with participants or data collection activities are planned, please submit only the completed Annual Report on Project Status word documentto the HREC Secretariat who will advise if a new Ethics Application is also required.

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