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All things period related

A blue butterfly pea flower

Some people have periods! Yes! Truly! Unfortunately, it is not something people really talk about often.

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New food & a new perspective

Thai desserts

Trying a steamed Thai pandan-coconut cake opened my mind up to new ways to make delicious desserts.

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Glorifying the grind

Many textbooks in the shape of a deep spiral

We're about halfway through the first semester and I've been hearing competitions of who's getting the least amount of sleep start floating around campus.

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Calendar blocking

An image of a screen with Google Calendar on it

It is incredibly difficult to get things done if you don’t even know what you’re doing. Calendar blocking has truly been the most productive practice that I have implemented daily.

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Putting down my phone

Man holding smartphone out in front of himself.

In terms of unhealthy habits, scrolling through my social media feed is definitely one that I am working to nip in the bud.

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Experiencing new things

Blue cheese on a platter.

From surfing to eating blue cheese, there's nothing more fun than trying new things!

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Looking back on my Ph.D. experience

person wearing a mask, cupping a seedling in hand that has several small green leaves

What are some of the things that you now realise were good things to do while you were a Ph.D. candidate? Or what seemed to be an obstacle to finishing that now looking back you realise was a good thing?

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Such a thing as too much study?

stack of 5 notebooks in 2 piles with page divider ribbons hanging down

This semester marks my first since 2020 where I have taken on a normal full-time study load as opposed to overloading on topics.

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Using humour to cope - how far is too far?

A person going through their Twitter account.

In these past couple of weeks, we have heard the devastating news from the Ukraine – they have been invaded and brutally attacked by Russia.

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A is for academic validation

Grad cap lamps

I like to think that there are some serious parallels between academic validation and Regina George.

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