Staying motivated

A bunch of flowers given to me by one of my dear friends.

A bunch of flowers given to me by one of my dear friends.

I’ve been hearing from quite a few of my peers, and other students in general, that anxiety levels are increasing with exams and deadlines happening in the midst of uncertainty and lots of changes brought about by the COVID19 pandemic. It’s understandable. Change is very often quite difficult in itself, more so when there are many factors that are out of one’s own control. For example, during the time of COVID19, trusting that people around you are practicing proper hygiene, declaring if they are not feeling well, etc.

There are those who’ve lost their casual contracts and have had to move back in with their parents. That’s a big change. Another big change is adjusting to studying and working purely from home. It’s understandable to feel stressed, but with physical distancing it’s also reasonable to feel like you’ve lost a bit of your motivation.

What I found helpful in staying motivated during uncertain times is recalling why I wanted this degree in the first place. Also, reflecting on how my skills and qualifications might be helpful not only to myself but to dependents, other relatives, and even the wider community. What’s the reason you chose the program you’re in? What profession or career would you like to be in? Why? 

I’ll write more about this in a future post, but I’ve realized today that during uncertain times or when you are feeling extra anxious, it’s really important to hold on to things you are certain of, connect with people who make you feel safe and supported. I received these two bunches of flowers from friends today, each from different friendship groups but both are certainly people who’ve supported me during uncertain times before. There’s joy and beauty everywhere and most of the time it’s from the simplest things – like friends dropping off these beauties to show their love and support.

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