When in doubt, make soup!

bowl of soup

Image from Pixabay, accessed 26/03/2020. 

Soup has many wonderful powers. I'm not talking about magical healing powers, although soup is often healthy and good for the body. Soup has the power to make me feel better in situations of stress, sadness or sickness. 

Currently, I'm feeling a little under the weather. It's Autumn, things are getting colder, and I'm having to self-isolate at home. Making soup is a way of looking after myself. In making soup, I tell myself: you are looked after. It's going to be okay. 

You don't need fancy cooking skills to make soup. Chop up some onion and vegetables of choice. Almost any vegetables will do - that's what's so great about soup. It can be anything from the bottom of the fridge. Lightly fry the onion, then add the vegetables, cover them with water and some vegetable or chicken stock. Let the soup simmer away for a while. Take this moment to rest. Give it a stir from time to time. Add some pulses, or rice or pasta if you like. Once everything is cooked, use a stick blender to blend the soup into something smooth, or leave it as it is. Add some herbs, or bread, or yoghurt, or nothing at all. Then your soup is ready to feed you (hopefully) for multiple days to come. 

These are some of my favourite soups to make: 

  • lightly spiced pumpkin soup
  • potato and leek soup
  • peppery carrot, lentil and tomato soup 
  • mushroom and spring onion broth with ramen noodles
  • minestrone 

I hope you join me in embracing soup as the wonderful meal that it is! 

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