Weekend wrap-up: Stirling Market

Wholesome weekend activities, appealing as they are, can be difficult to factor into a busy schedule. Too often do we approach the weekend with the best of intentions to unwind, relax, maybe take a drive somewhere with friends, only to spend our Saturdays and Sundays playing catch-up for the week ahead.

Recently, however, I’ve been determined to prioritise my weekends as a time for self-care, seeing friends and family, visiting new places, relaxing, and (cheesy as it may be) reminding myself of life’s joys.

With that in mind, some friends and I recently paid a visit to the Stirling Market. Held once a month, the Stirling Market hosts a variety of diverse stalls, ranging from plants, seasonal produce, jams and preserves, local wine and oils, and homemade goods to pottery, beeswax wraps, gourmet pies and pastries, and more.

When we visited, it was a surprisingly cool day for this time of year, but the sun was out, and with coffees in hand, we spent a leisurely few hours exploring, picking up plenty of goods along the way, including beeswax wraps (part of my efforts to be more sustainable), local honey, a variety of cakes from the French patisserie, ceramics, plants, homemade jam, and more. We finished the afternoon with brunch at a local café, laughing and comparing our goods and soaking up the early afternoon sun that was now pouring in. All in all, a good day, and a reminder to 

The Stirling Markets are held once a month on Druid Ave, Stirling. The next market is on October 25.

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