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Students with a Disability

Students of the University of Adelaide who have a disability or ongoing medical condition can and do go on exchange and study abroad programs.

Disabilities and conditions may include learning difficulties, ongoing medical conditions, mental health issues (including anxiety and depression), sensory impairments (eg vision or hearing), mobility issues etc.

To help you decide what you may need to consider in relation to your specific condition, we encourage you to contact Student Life Disability Support.

It is important that you advise a Study Overseas staff member of your specific requirements at the time of application or earlier so that we can do everything possible to help you find an appropriate host institution that can support your needs. Students should be aware that services and processes can differ substantially overseas and by initiating contact early you can maximise your chances of finding a suitable host institution.

See below for further information if you are...

  • Applying for an exchange program

    The exchange process involves an application to Study Overseas followed by an application to a host institution. You can read more about the overall process here.

    As part of the application process, exchange applicants are required to find three preferences of destination, in accordance with the Preference Guidelines. While researching your preferences, you should look for information on their website about any relevant Disability / Support / Accessibility Service that institution may offer.

    Once you form an idea of your preferred institutions, you should contact us to let us know your situation and what you are considering. In some cases we may be able to find out if your preferences can accommodate your needs.

    Please note: Some institutions may only be able to give a general indication of available support services at this early stage. In many cases they will not be able to provide specific advice until you have applied directly, at a later stage of the application process.

    In summary:

    • Make contact with the Disability Support before you commence your exchange application.
    • Research your preferred institutions to see what information about their support services can be found on their website.
    • Contact Study Overseas to start a conversation about suitable destinations based on what you have found. You will need to give us permission to discuss your case with Disability Support and our partner institution(s) for us to take action on your behalf - we take confidential matters seriously and will only disclose what you tell us with your permission.
    • Maintain an ongoing dialogue with Study Overseas and the Disability Service as we continue your application process.

    Can I take a reduced study load while on exchange?

    There is an expectation that students will study a minimum 9 unit load per semester while on exchange. If you wish to be exempt from this rule, you will need to speak with us prior to the application deadline. Students will need written support from both Disability Services and their Faculty. Written support for a reduced load from your treating medical practitioner can be lodged with Disability Support who can liaise with Study Overseas on your behalf. Written support for a reduced load from your Faculty can be via email to Study Overseas. Study Overseas can then contact your preferred institutions and investigate whether a part-time arrangement is possible.

    Please note that a reduced study load may impact your eligibility to access OS-HELP loans and Government support for students studying overseas. If you receive support such as Centrelink payments, you should contact Centrelink directly to confirm whether or not you will still be eligible while overseas.

  • Applying for a study tour

    Study tours involve a group of University of Adelaide students (sometimes with students from other universities) travelling as a group to one or more destinations, usually with an accompanying staff member from the University.

    If you are interested in applying for a study tour, in addition to registering with Disability Support, you should contact the Course Coordinator or responsible staff member as listed on the program brochure in GLAS (you can see a list here) to discuss your requirements.

  • Applying for a study abroad or other independent program

    Students completing an overseas internship, placement, or study abroad program (including summer and winter schools) will usually organise these independently or through a third party provider.

    In addition to registering with Disability Support, you should contact your program host or third party provider directly to discuss your requirements.

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