Feature project: Research consortium for agricultural product development

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The Research Consortium for Agricultural Product Development (RC-APD) is a collaborative project that is developing new products derived from agricultural waste streams and low-grade commodities.

Led by the University of Adelaide and funded by the Government of South Australia, the RC-APD brings together nine South Australian-based companies from the agriculture and food sector, and nine national and international academic institutions and industry partners to develop high-value products from agricultural waste.

The Research Consortium focusses on: extraction of high-value products from problematic waste biomass, horticultural crop improvements, production of functional food ingredients to improve welfare, and the training future thought leaders.

A rigorous research program will provide local industries with efficient, scalable and sustainable approaches to increasing profitability whilst reducing production waste.

End-users and beneficiaries of the research include primary producers; brewing industry; materials, composite, cosmetics, pharmaceutical industries; air purification system sector; nutraceutical and food producers; pre-cut food industry.

More information:

Research Consortium for Agricultural Product Development
Level 4, Wine Innovation Central Building
The University of Adelaide, Waite Campus
SA 5005, Australia
Telephone: +61 8 8313 1284
Email: contact@rcapd.org.au
Web:  https://rcapd.org.au/