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Research Fields & Publications

What research fields does the Univeristy of Adelaide Wine Future Network cover?

Key research activities of the UAWF can be divided into three research fields: Knowing our Wine, Knowing our Markets and Sustainability. These are then divided into further research categories (see table below for links into each category).

Knowing Our Wine

Understanding the relationship between grapevine biology and terroir in Australia, and the development of options for managing this relationship in response to climate change, and the options at all stages of wine production to enhance quality.

Knowing Our Markets

Changing demographics of wine consumption and in particular fine wine consumption and knowledge of all participants in the wine value chain, by systematically considering the influencers of decision-making within and along the value system for wine.


Options for industry responses at all levels to environmental change such as water scarcity, increased temperature and risks of extreme events region by region, and the returns to research and development.

Publications by Research Field and Category

Research Publications

Research Categories


Knowing our Markets

Australia off Premise

Australia Distributors

Australia on Premise

Consumer Choice for Wine

Purchase Decisions along the Supply Chain

What's Influencing Buyers in China, USA, Aus?

China Distributors

China off Premise

China on Premise

USA Distributors

USA on Premise

USA off Premise

Comparionson Charts Supply Chain Decision Influencers

Steve Goodman
Knowing our Wine

Chemistry of Wine

Vine Biology

Dennis Taylor
Christopher Ford
Vladimir Jiranek
Kerry Wilkinson
Peter Dry

Knowing our Markets

International and Domestic Markets

Consumer Knowledge

Kym Anderson
Steve Goodman
Sue Bastian
Johan Bruwer
Elton Li
Christopher Findlay
Pascale Quester
Wendy Umberger
Roberta Veale

Sustainability to 2030

Viticulture in a Changing Climate

Water Constraints

Green Distribution

Sue Bastian
Steve Tyerman
Cameron Grant
Peter Dry
Vladimir Jiranek
Frank Schmid
Paul Grbin
Joan Kelly
Bo Jin


Knowing our Markets


Social Media

Business approch to Social Media

Consumer perceptions of Wine Brands on Facebook

How and why wineries are using Facebook
Steve Goodman
Rebecca Dolan
Cullen Habel


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