Ask Adelaide can assist with production and replacement of your contractor ID card.

Contractors undertaking approved work on any University of Adelaide campus may be eligible for a contractor ID card.


Contractors that are eligible for a contractor ID card can only have one produced after they have completed the University’s Health, Safety, and Wellbeing Induction (HSW). HSW Induction sessions are coordinated and managed by Campus Services via an electronic contractor safety induction program.

At the end of the online induction, contractors will be asked if they already have an existing University identification card or if a new card is required. For contractors completing the induction for the first time University identification cards will be produced following successful completion of the induction.

Need help with induction? Contact campus services.

Card collection

Your card will be available 2 business days after date of induction. Visit Ask Adelaide, Level 3 Hub Central, North Terrace Campus to collect your card. You must bring photo identification.

Replacement contractor cards

Issue of a replacement contractor ID card will incur a charge of $20, except in the instance where a card no longer functions due to a genuine fault or has been produced with a clerical error. Replacement cards may be ordered by the cardholder or authorised representative via the online shop.

For assessment and replacement of a faulty card, please take your card to Ask Adelaide, Level 3 Hub Central.