Ask Adelaide can help with card production and any other queries regarding your staff ID card.

  • New staff (continuing, fixed-term, titleholder)

    As a commencing staff member you can be issued with a staff ID card from the day you are scheduled to commence work. For staff members employed on a continuing, fixed-term, or titleholder basis, your first staff ID card is provided free-of-charge. 

    North Terrace

    Staff based at North Terrace campus are required to visit Ask Adelaide in Hub Central in person to have your ID card produced. You must bring other photo identification with you (e.g. driver’s license or passport).

    AHMS, Waite, Roseworthy, External/Off-campus

    Staff may visit Ask Adelaide at Hub Central to have your ID card produced on the spot. If you are unable to attend North Terrace campus, you can request for your card to be posted to you.

    If you would like your card delivered to you, please complete the New Staff ID Card Request Form – External/Off-campus and enter your work location for delivery via Internal Mail, or Australian postal address for delivery via post.

  • Casual staff

    Production of ID cards for casual staff members will incur a $20 charge.

    ID cards for casual staff can be purchased via the following options:

  • Replacement staff cards

    Replacement cards incur a fee of $20, except in cases of genuine fault or administrative error.

    If your card has been lost or stolen, please report it immediately to Ask Adelaide.

    For assessment and replacement of a faulty card, please take your card to Ask Adelaide, Level 3 Hub Central.

    To order a new card for change of name, please ensure your name has been updated on University records prior to ordering.

    Replacement ID cards for staff can be purchased via the following options:

    Please order carefully as there are no refunds. Once your order has been placed your old card will be automatically voided as your new card will supersede it.

    If you have any questions about ordering a replacement ID card please contact Ask Adelaide prior to ordering.