Visitor ID cards may be issued to visiting staff, students, or affiliates of the University of Adelaide.

For information regarding your eligibility for a visitor ID card, please contact your faculty, school, or department office directly.

Visitor cards incur a fee of $20 to the department. Requests for new and replacement visitor cards must be submitted by an authorised access control delegate from the relevant area.

  • New visitor card requests

    Production of cards for visitors will incur a $20 charge to the department.

    Approved delegates may request departmental visitor cards and/or photo visitor cards via the ID Card Request Form.

    If a new photo is required, the cardholder may visit Ask Adelaide, Level 3 Hub Central to have their photo taken. Alternatively, the department may submit a suitable photograph via email to Ask Adelaide.

    Visitor cards can be collected from Ask Adelaide at Hub Central or Ask Adelaide at AHMS, or delivered via internal mail.

  • Replacement visitor cards

    Replacement cards incur a fee of $20, except in cases of genuine fault or administrative error.

    If your card has been lost or stolen, please report it immediately to Ask Adelaide.

    For assessment and replacement of a faulty card, please take your card to Ask Adelaide, Level 3 Hub Central.

    Replacement ID cards for visitors can be purchased via the following options: