HiTeMP-3 program attracts global leaders


World experts will meet in Adelaide to unravel the complexities of decarbonising heavy industry, at the third international forum on High Temperature Minerals Processing (HiTeMP-3) to be held at the National Wine Centre, from Monday 26 to Wednesday 28 September 2022.

Building on the outcomes of HiTeMP-2, the internationally leading forum will continue to drive a multi-stakeholder perspective of pathways to transition heavy industry toward net-zero CO2 emissions in hard to abate sectors, such as iron and steel, cement and lime, alumina and aluminium.

Energy intensive high temperature processes are used to produce these vital global commodities, which due to a lack of commercially available renewable energy technologies have typically been high in carbon emissions. As countries commit to lowering their carbon emissions, new opportunities are emerging, especially for countries with a coincidence of renewable energy and mineral resources. Leading mineral processing and refining companies are investigating the emerging markets for low carbon products, which are driving investment in new clean energy technologies.

Professor Gus Nathan, Chair of the HiTeMP-3 Forum Steering Committee said that HiTeMP-3 will bring together an estimated 250 leading specialists from around the world in industry, research and government to identify the most prospective pathways to decarbonise the major high temperature industrial processes on which our global economy depends.

Objectives for HiTeMP-3 include:

  • To identify exemplars and opportunities for a step-change in the path toward net- zero carbon production for the cement/lime, iron/steel and alumina/cement industries;
  • To identify state-of-the-art and emerging opportunities to implement circular economy principals for the heavy industrial sector;
  • To identify exemplars in CO2 capture, re-use and/or sequestration in the heavy-industrial sector;
  • To identify next steps for the sector, including key enablers, projects and demonstrations that are needed to de-risk future investments in the path to production of new products for the low-carbon economy.

Professor Nathan added, “There is no doubt that the impetus to change the sector is growing world-wide and the need for change is getting more urgent. Forums like HiTeMP-3 are vital, to enable knowledge sharing, new partnerships and coordination to accelerate the technology development, upscaling and demonstration toward commercial implementation that is required".

“HiTeMP-3 will continue to foster the linkages and understanding that will ensure the investment in all of our future not only continues, but grows significantly,” he said.

The HiTeMP Forum is an initiative of The University of Adelaide’s Centre for Energy Technology (CET), which delivers innovative technologies for sustainable, secure and affordable energy. This year in addition to the CET, the forum is being brought to you by the Heavy Industry Low-carbon (HILT) CRC, and Mission Innovations’s Net Zero Industries NZI Mission.

A poster competition with prizes has been introduced to this program and delegates are invited to register poster submissions by Monday 5 September  2022.

For more information and to register for the forum, visit adelaide.edu.au/hitemp

Early bird registrations close at 11:59pm, Australian Central Standard time on Thursday August 4, 2022.

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