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Our research targets innovative technologies with strong potential to lower the cost of CO2 mitigation in the near- to mid-term, in partnership with industry.

We have a strong track record in this area, having developed twelve thermal energy technologies to commercial implementation – including the Olympic torch and stadium flames for the Sydney, Athens and Rio Games and a low-NOx kiln burner.

We use a range of technologies in state-of-the-art facilities to address four main research challenges: sustainable secure power, sustainable fuels, sustainable minerals, and sustainable networks and grids through our research projects.

Research Themes

Solar ThermalSolar Thermal research, including the ARENA Solar Thermal in the Bayer Alumina Process Project and our contributions to $87 million Australian Solar Thermal Research Initiative (ASTRI).

The sun

Two Phase Flow Two Phase Flow research, in which we aim to improve our understanding of the interaction between particles and the surrounding fluid.

Two Phase Flow

Sooting Flames Sooting Flames research, in which we explore the interdependency of parameters controlling soot evolution in flames.

Turbulent flame, sooty

Biomass to Energy  Biomass to Energy research, including the $645,000 ARC project which is enabling commercial scale production of biocrude from microalgae or biosolids. More information on the technologies involved: Torrefaction, Solar Gasification, Hydrothermal Liquefaction

Green biomass

Wind, Wave and Tidal Power Wind, Wave and Tidal Power research, focusing on optimising components in wind and wave turbines.

Closeup of wave pattern

Chemical Looping Chemical Looping research, which aims to reduce emissions in fuel combustion and oxygen production.


Low Carbon Materials Research, in which we are developing novel technologies to produce industrial materials such as oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, ammonia, power and water using low carbon alternative methods. With these technologies we aim to increase the viability of resource recovery and value addition to commodities that are presently wasted. Contact Professor Gus Nathan for further information.


Laser Diagnostics Laser Diagnostics research for industrial processes.

Laser image

Energy MaterialsEnergy Materials research, including developing high performance catalysts to increase the efficiency of fuel cells, water-splitting cells and batteries.

Energy Materials battery testing
Centre for Energy Technology

The University of Adelaide
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