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  • Seminar Friday 14 September 2018: Professor Christian Sattler

    Professor Christian Sattler
    Head of Solar Chemical Engineering: German Aerospace Centre (DLR)

    Solar Fuels – Strategy and technical developments at DLR

    12 – 2 pm. Ingkarni Wardli Room 5.57

    Registration essential! Lunch will be provided

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    Prof Christian Sattler studied chemistry at the University of Bonn and received his Ph.D. in 1997. He is Head of the Department of Solar Chemical Engineering of the German Aerospace Center’s Institute of Solar Research and professor for solar fuel production at the Technical University of Dresden, Germany.

    The key area of his work is the production of fuels especially hydrogen by solar thermo- and photochemical processes. Also high temperature processes for the production of other commodities like metals, sulfuric acid, or cement.

    With over 160 refereed journal papers and 18 patents, he serves as vice president of the association Hydrogen Europe Research representing the European research institutions in the European Joint Undertaking for Fuel Cells and Hydrogen. He is the national representative to tasks of the IEA’s SolarPACES and Hydrogen Implementing Agreements.


    Converting solar energy efficiently into fuels is a key element to develop a sustainable and affordable global energy economy. The presentation will give an overview on DLR’s strategy to contribute to this goal together with its international partners, especially on the Australian-DLR cooperation and on the actual R&D projects in this area. The main focus will be on technologies with the perspective of large scale fuel production at very high temperatures. Therefore solar tower systems for such production processes will be presented as they need to have other characteristics than standard CSP plants. Also the different components like concentrators, receivers, and reactors of the solar production plants will be described. Possible synergies with other R&D efforts on using high temperature heat as well as solar radiation for photo-electrochemical processes will be discussed.

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