Geography grant helps rural students

In November 2022, Emeritus Professor Andrew Smith FAA together with his daughters, Dr Hilary Smith and Dr Caroline Smith, established an endowed fund, the Graeme Hugo AO Commencement Grant for Geography, for students studying Geography and Environmental Policy and Management at the University of Adelaide.

Professor Graeme Hugo AO was one of Australia’s leading geographers and a world authority on demography and migration.  He was a Professor of Geography at the University of Adelaide and held several senior positions between 1991 and 2015.

Emeritus Professor Andrew Smith was a professor of Botany at the University of Adelaide from 1990, having commenced as a lecturer in 1967. He is a passionate advocate of both the Arts and Science.

Andrew Smith and daughters Hilary and Caroline Smith

Emeritus Professor Andrew Smith FAA together with daughters, Dr Caroline Smith and Dr Hilary Smith.

“The humanities deserve more attention nowadays by universities in promoting study and career opportunities. I decided on setting up a geography grant together with my daughters for many reasons,” Andrew said.

“Although my career is in science I've been interested in many areas of humanities and geography was one of them.”

“My daughter Hilary went into Arts and did geography, too.”

“Professor Graeme Hugo AO was Hilary’s mentor throughout her PhD. He kept her going and gave her the encouragement she needed,” Andrew said.

Hilary echoed her father’s words. “Professor Graeme Hugo AO helped me to excel in my studies and career.”

“I have fond memories of our interactions. He was so personable and open. He was a voice of reason when I had doubts or concerns throughout my PhD,” Hilary said.

“He was highly respected as one of Australia’s most sought after demographers.”

“It’s our hope that this grant helps make it easier for young, rural or regional students to make the transition to university,” Hilary said.

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