Adelaide PhD Summer Institute in International Trade

In today’s blog, GFAR PhD student Alfinura Sharafeyeva recaps the 3rd Adelaide PhD Summer Institute that was held from March 20th -21st at the University of Adelaide.

The Institute for International Trade (IIT) brought together PhD students in the field of international trade to present their work at the 3rd Adelaide PhD Summer Institute. The objective of the Adelaide PhD Summer Institute is to provide PhD students in this field with a platform for discussing their ideas with both fellow PhD students and senior scholars. This year, eleven PhD students and researchers from Australia and Europe presented theoretical and empirical research, shared ideas and had a chance to discuss and receive a feedback on their work.

Among various topics, such questions as an impact of ICT development on firms’ exports in Central and Eastern European countries, role of imported intermediate inputs on firm’s productivity, effects of China on exports of Asian developing countries in the US market and other interesting and hot issues related to international trade were discussed. Among interesting findings, the presentation by Farhana Abedin on analysis of Dutch disease in Australia by applying a macro econometric method highlighted that Australia manages to the structural adjustment well in the recent boom.

Participants of the 3rd Adelaide PhD Summer Institute in International Trade

Participants of the 3rd Adelaide PhD Summer Institute in International Trade.

I presented my work on impact of trade costs on agrifood exports in Central Asia. The preliminary results confirm the study hypothesis that exports of perishable products, such as fruits and vegetables, are more affected by longer time to export, one of the measures of trade costs, in Central Asia compared to non-perishable group of products, e.g. cotton and grain.

Overall, the Adelaide PhD Summer Institute in International Trade was a great opportunity to share the research progress and receive a feedback from senior researchers, as well as a chance to build a network of the young researchers in international trade across different universities of Australia and Europe.

Alfinura’s PhD thesis is titled “The effectiveness of agricultural policies in emerging economies in the light of trade liberalization: the case of Kazakhstan”. She is being supervised by A/Prof Alec Zuo and Dr. David Adamson.     

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