Fafa Yan is visiting GFAR

Fafa YAN

Fafa Yan

We have a new visiting PhD student at the Centre for Global Food and Resources (GFAR), Fafa YAN.

Fafa is vising from Lingnan University and Sun Yat-sen University, China where she is undertaking her PhD in quantitative economics. Fafa has research interests in agricultural economics, environmental economics and health economics, and their interactions with policy, tax and climate change. While she is at GFAR, Fafa is working with Associate Professor Alec Zuo.

Fafa holds a Bachelor of Mathematics (Jiangxi Normal University, China) and a Master of Management (South China Agricultural University, China). Between the completion of her Masters and before starting her PhD, Fafa worked on multiple research projects. In particular, she has research experience with risk, capital innovation, price volatility/forecasts/warning systems, consumer behaviour, asset pricing, efficiency analysis, water resource and health economics, and underground economics, such as tax evasion and people trafficking.

Fafa’s PhD research is concerned with the positive and negative interactions between changes in our food consumption patterns, diets, diet-related health, environmental condition and community well-being. More specifically, she hopes to explore the impact of:

  • Agriculture and food production on environmental sustainability;
  • Environmental pollution on health and socio-economic (e.g., household or farm values) outcomes;
  • Changing food markets and environments on consumption and diet-related health (e.g., obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes); and
  • Climate change, weather and water allocations on farmer mental health.
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