Meet Global Food and Agricultural Business Alumni Manoj Kumar

Manoj Kumar

Master of Global Food and Agricultural Business graduate Manoj Kumar, reflects on his favourite experiences whilst studying at the University of Adelaide.

Like many of our students undertaking a Master Global Food and Agricultural Business degree, Manoj came into the program with a passion for food, and was fascinated by agricultural technologies and the roles they could play in global economies.

“My goal was to integrate agriculture & food businesses and look for solutions from an interdisciplinary perspective. I wanted to upgrade my existing skills in agricultural sciences with a business perspective, and get qualified at an international level.”

As the only university in Australia to offer a master’s program in both global food and agricultural business, Manoj was drawn to the University of Adelaide thanks in part to the growing employment opportunities in the sector as well as Adelaide being in the centre of a large agricultural hub.

Reflecting on what he enjoyed most about his degree, Manoj makes mention of the multiple electives he got to choose from, but also describes his interactions with University staff as the most enriching.

“I enjoyed so many things about my degree, mainly the world-class teaching staff who were approachable, supportive and highly specialised in their fields. Supporting many courses was my outstanding supervisor Craig Johns. The skills and critical thinking that he taught me during my supervision have been invaluable, and I would not have been able to succeed without them.”

As part of his studies, Manoj had the opportunity to undertake a 3-month international research internship with an Agribusiness Scholarship from the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) in Fiji, allowing him to gain practical skills and grow his personal network.

“I was able to develop many new skills and it has helped me better understand agribusiness particularly from a point of view of smallholder farmers. This internship has given me knowledge, work experience, confidence and connections with a broader network which is so important for my future career development.”

Looking to the future, Manoj is excited by the career prospects open to him after completing his degree.

“I am excited to begin my career in the agribusiness field, especially in the international agricultural development sector as part of research and development. My goal is to work on international agribusiness projects in which I am passionate about and make a difference across the Asia-Pacific.”Manoj Kumar

Manoj credits his degree as giving him a greater understanding of the real-world challenges impacting global agricultural industries today.

“The knowledge, experience and skills, I have gained from this course motivated me to choose my career. I loved every minute of my study, and now feel like I am set-up to tackle my future career.”

Manoj Kumar is just one the many amazing alumni who have graduated from our Global Food and Agricultural Business Programs.  With the agribusiness industry continuing to grow, the time has never been more perfect to pursue your passion for food and make an impact on a global scale. Kick-start your agribusiness career in 2021 with a scholarship of up to 50% for our Global Food and Agricultural Business Programs. Contact to find out more.

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