Recent Publications


Here are some of the most recent publications produced by the team at The Centre for Global Foods and Resources and our colleagues. GFAR team members are listed in bold type.

Adamson, D., Gilbert, W., Hamilton, K., Donachie, D., Rushton, J., 2020. Preparing for animal health emergencies: Considerations for economic evaluation. In Disaster prevention and preparedness (G.A. Vroegindewey, ed.). Scientific and Technical Review of the Office International des Epizooties (Paris) 39 (2), 625–635, (Published 25 October 2020)

Huang, Z., Zeng, D. 2021. Factors affecting salt reduction measure adoption among Chinese residents. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public health. 18(2): 445.

Lan Wang, Shenghui Cui, Yuanchao Hu, Patrick O’Connor, Bing Gao, Wei Huang, Ying Zhang, Su Xu, (2021) The co-benefits for food carbon footprint and overweight and obesity from dietary adjustments in China. Journal of Cleaner Production, 289, 125675,

Manyun Zhang, Patrick J. O'Connor, Jinyu Zhang, Xiaoxin Ye (2021) Linking soil nutrient cycling and microbial community with vegetation cover in riparian zone. Geoderma, 384, 114801,

Nguyen, D.A., Umberger, W.J., & Zeng, D. 2020. Understanding Vietnamese urban consumers’ nutrition label use, health concerns and consumption of food and beverages with added sugars. Nutrients, 2020, 12, 3335, 1-18.

Perry, B., Rich, K.M., Rojas, H., Romero, J., Adamson, D., Bervejillo, J.E., Fernandez, F., Pereira, A., Pérez, L., Reich, F., Sarno, R., Vitale, E., Stanham, F., Rushton, J., 2020. Integrating the Technical, Risk Management and Economic Implications of Animal Disease Control to Advise Policy Change: The Example of Foot-and-Mouth Disease Control in Uruguay. EcoHealth, (Published 14 October 2020)

Seidl, C, Wheeler, S, Zuo, A. 2021. The drivers associated with Murray-Darling Basin irrigators’ future farm adaptation strategies. Journal of Rural Studies.

Xupu Li, Liwei Zhang, Patrick J. O’Connor, Junping Yan, Bin Wang, De Li Liu, Pengtao Wang, Zhuangzhuang Wang, Luwen Wan and Yingjie Li (2020) Ecosystem Services under a Climate-Change-Impacted Water Infrastructure in a Highly Forested Basin. Water 2825, doi:10.3390/w12102825.

Haensch, J., Wheeler, S.A. and Zuo, A. (2021), Explaining permanent and temporary water market trade patterns within local areas in the southern Murray–Darling Basin*. Aust Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics.

 Hasibuan, A.M., Gregg, D. & Stringer, R. (2021) The role of certification, risk and time preferences in promoting adoption of climate-resilient citrus varieties in Indonesia. Climatic Change 164, 37.

Loch, A., Auricht, C., Adamson, D. and Mateo, L. (2021), Markets, mis‐direction and motives: A factual analysis of hoarding and speculation in southern Murray–Darling Basin water markets*. Aust Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics

Wang L., Cui S.H., Hu Y.C., O’Connor P.J., Gao B., Huang W., Zhang Y. and Xu S. (2021) The co-benefits for food carbon footprint and overweight and obesity from dietary adjustments in China. Journal of Cleaner Production, 289, 125675, (Impact Factor = 7.246, SJR 1.886, Q1 Environmental Sciences)

Manero A, Wheeler SA (2021) Perceptions of Tanzanian smallholder irrigators on impact pathways between water equity and socio-economic inequalities, International Journal of Water Resources Development,

Our aim is to share links to many of GFAR’s publications here in a regular update, but please note that some may have restrictions around access.

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