Scholarship allows remote student to complete studies

Kate McBride is based on a remote sheep station in New South Wales while she studies a Graduate Diploma of Global Food and Agricultural Business at The University of Adelaide.

Kate McBride

“Students would expect studying a university course remotely to be rather difficult, but not at The University of Adelaide. I'd recommend anyone from rural and remote Australia, or beyond to attend the university, because the lecturers and supporting staff have been incredibly understanding with digital connectivity issues and have been all too happy to help," Kate said.

Kate completed her Bachelor of Commerce at University of Adelaide in 2020. She was drawn by the fact that the agricultural industry has many opportunities in local and global markets.

Coming from the country, 45kms south of Menindee in western New South Wales, she didn't have the opportunity to explore agriculture during her undergraduate studies. She decided to pursue a postgraduate degree to help her prepare for the next challenge in 2021.

“The University of Adelaide is an incredible place to study, and allowed me to go out into the field and meet people within the ag industry from very different backgrounds to myself. It has allowed me see things from different perspectives and filled me with new and exciting ideas," she said.

Her favourite course so far was 'Experiences and Insights' in Agri-food Systems, which gives student hands on industry experiences and the ability to apply to real agri-food industry.

“I also enjoyed the topic on water security and governance due to my work within this field and highly recommend people who don't understand water in Australia to complete the course," she said.

Kate was awarded a partial scholarship funded by the Centre for Global Food and Resources for Australian Full-fee paying students commencing the program in 2021 to support her study. Now she is working as a researcher with The Australia Institute, a progressive thinktank based in Canberra on Murray-Darling Basin issues and rural challenges.

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