How Jingyi is using her passion for food to help shape a more sustainable food future

Coming from a Horticultural Science background with global Agribusiness exchange experiences, Jenn has always had a great passion on food and wanted to be part of the sustainable food future.

She chose to study Master of Global Food and Agricultural Business at the University of Adelaide in 2019 to expand her knowledge in the agriculture industry and to learn more about agricultural research and management, food safety, policy, innovation, and global agriculture markets.

The center of Global food and business has innovative global vision and provides cutting edge research and teaching utcomes, which equips students with professional knowledge and skills to make a real difference in the industry.

Jen Huang
"I really enjoy how my degree is connected to 'real life' and diversity and flexibility of the study. Interacting with different South Australian businesses in the agricultural and food sector during my study, I have the opportunities to apply what I have learnt to a real-life context which gives me a better understanding of how to manage industry growth and how to address issues and to solve the problems in the future."Jenn Huang

"I enjoyed the Management and Performance of Global food Chains and Research Projects the most in my study plan which helped me expand my understanding of the agricultural supply chain, identify agribusiness issues and develop complex solutions to problems by independent research and analysis. My research supervisor, Mr Theo Simos guided me with his extensive professional experiences in the food industry and motivated me to succeed further. My study inspired my critical and innovative thinking, providing professional and technical skills to work in the agribusiness industry. " Jenn leveraged her knowledge on her career to utilise her skill sets she expanded during her study to help agribusiness grow. She has started to work as a pre-pack supervisor in a Brussels sprout farm since she graduated in 2020. She is responsible for quality assurance for sprouts delivered to Australia and international markets. She hopes that she could help agribusiness industry shape a more sustainable food future.

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