Mixing trade with agricultural economics: How Angus is diving deeply into sustainable agriculture to solve issues of the future

Having grown up on a farming property, Angus Crouch wanted to get involved. Beginning a Master of Global Food and Agribusiness has provided the opportunity to deep dive into sustainable agriculture.

“The Masters gives me the opportunity to build on my Commerce degree and understand the economics of agriculture at a higher level. I've always wanted to pursue further tertiary studies and this degree gives me the opportunity to take a deep dive into sustainable agriculture and the issues facing the wider industry into the future,” he said.

Angus Crouch

Angus chose The University of Adelaide as he believed it offered him the access to the best academics in agricultural economics, while broadening his approach to agriculture.

”I really enjoy the breadth of knowledge within the faculty. Each tutor can articulate the challenges of global agricultural systems. From water economics to emerging economies and development, I have been able to learn a lot more about agriculture than I thought I would walking into my first class.”

“The access the degree has given me to esteemed academics and to utilise their knowledge to inform myself and my future career path has been something I can't take for granted. The degree has allowed me to mix my interests in trade with agricultural economics,” Angus added.

He said Agricultural Decision Making was his favourite course.

“It has given me a great insight into modelling on farm decisions and building cost benefit models which will benefit my research project which will look at sustainability certification. ADM alongside the elective Trade Statistics, has increased my capacities of understanding modelling and looking at statistics and numbers in a light,” Angus Crouch

Angus now hopes to gain employment in either agricultural economics or agricultural market analysis focussing on sustainable agriculture once he has graduated.

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