Office of the Chancellor and Council Secretariat

The Office of the Chancellor and Council Secretariat supports the good governance and management of the University.

It does this by providing advice and administrative support to the University's Council and its Committees, the Chancellor, the Vice-Chancellor and President, Senior Management and Chairs of Council Committees on key governance issues.

It also:

  • manages meetings of Council and its Committees (approximately 40 meetings in total per annum), including the compilation of meeting papers and the preparation of minutes; 
  • provides support to the Chancellor in carrying out duties including managing relevant correspondence, and attendance at University events and ceremonial occasions (eg graduations);
  • advises on and manages the Adelaide Policy Framework, including maintenance of the directory of over 100 University policies and procedures;
  • advises on and manages the register of authorities/delegations (with over 1000 specific delegations); and
  • advises on and manages approximately 20 elections in total per annum to Council, Academic Board, Alumni Council, Faculty Boards and other University bodies.