Academic Board

First established in 1883 as Education Committee, Academic Board (renamed in 1993) is a standing committee of the University Council.

The University Council is the governing body of the University and, pursuant to section 9 of the University of Adelaide Act 1971, is responsible for overseeing and monitoring the academic activities of the University. The Vice-Chancellor and President is the principal academic officer of the University and is responsible to the Council for the academic standards of the University.

The Academic Board is a standing committee of Council and the Chair of Academic Board is an ex officio member of Council. The Academic Board contributes to the development of academic strategy and the oversight of academic operations. It is the peak committee for the development of academic policy and the oversight of academic operations. 

The Academic Board and its sub-committees assist the Council and the Vice-Chancellor and President to fulfil their responsibilities for monitoring and managing academic standards and to meet the legislated requirements of the Higher Education Standards Framework (Threshold Standards) 2021.

Members' duties and meeting procedures



Academic Board statement on undue influence

Undue influence is when someone, because of their status or position, seeks or is able to derive an outcome that is favourable to them by exerting pressure over staff. That pressure is designed to get staff to act against the University's best interests or their employment obligations.

The University is an independent academic institution and will not be subject to improper pressure or influence in any of its decision making or operations. The University is dedicated to the intellectual quest, encouraging and supporting free-thinking and free-investigation in the pursuit of knowledge.

The University is fair, objective and unbiased in its approach to teaching, research, business and administration. Freedom of expression is uncompromisingly protected and different views are heard with civility.

Staff will not let personal interest, preference, affections, prejudice, or the interests of any person or organisation affect their judgements and decisions. Staff will always be prepared to account for their actions.

Further information:

The Academic Board Statement on Undue Influence was approved by the Academic Board on 7 November 2018.

All meetings are scheduled from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm in Conference Room 715, Ingkarni Wardli and via Zoom video-conference.

A calendar invitation will be sent to members prior to each meeting.

For queries regarding Academic Board papers and resolutions, please contact the Council Secretariat.

Papers due to Council Secretariat Meeting date - 2024
Wednesday 21 February Meeting 1/24 - Wednesday 6 March
Wednesday 20 March Meeting 2/24 - Wednesday 3 April
Wednesday 17 April Meeting 3/24 - Wednesday 1 May
Wednesday 22 May Meeting 4/24 - Wednesday 5 June
Wednesday 24 July Meeting 5/24 - Wednesday 7 August
Wednesday 21 August Meeting 6/24 - Wednesday 4 September
Wednesday 18 September Meeting 7/24 - Wednesday 2 October
Wednesday 23 October Meeting 8/24 - Wednesday 6 November

Archival papers

Complete sets of archival papers are available in Content Manager as follows:

  • 2023 - F.2023/12
  • 2022 - F.2022/1644
  • 2020-2021 - F.2020/1659
  • 2010-2019 - F.2016/6716