Fraud and Corruption Control Policy and Plan


The object of the University of Adelaide is the advancement of learning and knowledge, including the provision of university education. While conducting activities the University engages extensively with individuals, communities, businesses and government organisations in Australia and across the world.

Fraud and corruption control requires the commitment, co-operation and involvement of all Personnel in preventing, detecting and responding to allegations of fraud and corruption.

Title Version Date uploaded
Fraud and Corruption Control Policy D2015/212777 15 Aug 2017
Fraud and Corruption Control Plan D2018/17770 25 Jan 2018
Fraud and Corruption Control Reporting Procedure diagram D2016/26125 5 Feb 2016

RMO File No. 2015/6044
Policy custodian Vice-Chancellor and President
Responsible policy officer General Counsel
Approved by University Council on 24 August 2015
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Related legislation Independent Commissioner Against Corruption Act 2012

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Bribery Act 2010 (UK)

Whistleblower Protection Act 1993 (SA)

Superceded Policies Fraud Control Policy and Plan
Effective from 24 August 2015
Review Date 30 June 2018
Contact for queries about the policy General Counsel, tel: 36080

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