About the Centre

Adelaide Microscopy, or the Electron Optic Centre as it was originally known, has been working with researchers, students and industry since 1977 when the University brought together its Electron Beam Instrumentation and associated sample preparation equipment into one co-location.


An NCRIS funded facility, we are now located in four key laboratories across the campus:

  • Helen Mayo North Building on Frome Road offers not only the latest in electron beam techniques but also optical, confocal, in vivo, live cell and x-ray imaging techniques.
  • Waite facility, Agriculture, Food and Wine (West), Building WT80, Waite campus. Offering immediate access to high end microscopy techniques associated with food, plant and agricultural science.
  • Adelaide Health and Medical Sciences (AHMS) Building - level 6 - 57 North Terrace. Researchers have access to a range of optical imaging equipment including digital slides scanners, Laser Micro-dissection, live-cell Confocal and High Content Plate-based Imaging. For preclinical imaging the AHMS offers the Vevo 3100 in vivo Ultrasound and the  IVIS Lumina X5 Optical and X-Ray Imaging System.
  • Molecular Life Sciences (MLS) Building - level 1, offering optical microscopy for imaging animal cells under biological conditions. This suite also offers advanced light microscopy allowing super-resolution imaging for both live and fixed samples.