Registration & Training for New Users

The equipment housed at Adelaide Microscopy is accessible to everyone (conditions apply) but your booking options and charge rates may vary depending on your access level.  

Qualified Adelaide Microscopy staff are responsible for training all users for all instruments and laboratory procedures.

Please send us an email and include detailed information about:

  • Your sample
  • Aim of your research and what instrument/s you need

Please provide as much information as possible to ensure we can attend to your request in a timely manner.

We will then put you in contact with one of our Microscopists to make a face to face New User meeting to discuss your needs and ensure the right techniques are used to achieve maximum results. Following this discussion, you will be required to complete a New User registration form if you are planning to do your imaging and analysis at Adelaide Microscopy.

For most microscopy instrumentation, an initial training session will usually take around 3-4 hours, in which your own sample is used. Prior to this session, on an earlier day, we will also advise you on sample preparation. It is important that you have your samples well prepared. This can be the most time consuming and critical aspect of your microscopy as it will affect the end result. Training is charged at the hourly rate depending on funding type.

All users are required to comply with Health, Safety and Wellbeing and need to have read the Adelaide Microscopy Health, Safety and Wellbeing Induction and Safe Operating Procedures (SOPs). Specific training courses are also offered by Adelaide Microscopy. 

Any visitors accompanying you are required to report to Adelaide Microscopy Reception on arrival.

If you are a current user, and your contact details have changed and/or you have not completed a New User registration form in the past 12 months, please complete the Updating Registration Details for Users Form (one page editable PDF) and return by email.

Adelaide Microscopy new user registration form

To be completed by new users once a New User Meeting has been scheduled (as per instructions above).

New user registration

Please acknowledge us

Acknowledgements – copies of all papers, conference papers and reports that include data collected through the use of facilities provided by Adelaide Microscopy must be provided after publication for collection of metrics. This is essential for funding of new equipment and maintenance of existing equipment. Please acknowledge Adelaide Microscopy as follows:

“The authors acknowledge the instruments and scientific and technical assistance of Microscopy Australia at Adelaide Microscopy, The University of Adelaide, a facility that is funded by the University, and State and Federal Governments”.

Acknowledgement of individual staff members is optional.

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