Sample Preparation Equipment

Sample preparation equipment (Frome Road):

  • Hitachi Ion Mill IM4000 Plus
  • GATAN Solarus 950 Advanced Plasma Cleaner
  • Leica EM CPC Cryopress Slam-freezer
  • Leica UC6 and UC7 ultramicrotomes
  • Leica Vibratome VT1200S
  • Quorum Q150T E Carbon Coater
  • Struers Hot Mounting Press
  • Struers Slow Speed Diamond Saw
  • Struers TegraPol Automatic Polishing System
  • Tousimis 931 Critical Point Dryer

Sample preparation equipment (Bio-imaging Facility):

  • Heracell VIOS 160i CO2 Incubator
  • Herasafe Biosafety Cabinet
  • X-Clarity polymerisation machine
  • X-Clarity System II

Sample preparation equipment (Waite facility):

  • Cryostat Leica CM1800
  • Embedding Ovens Labec IE10 
  • Leica EM CPD300 Critical Point Dryer 
  • Leica UC6 with Cryo-attachment for Cryo-ultramicrotomy
  • Leica Vibratome VT1200 
  • Paraffin Embedding Station Leica EG1150H and cooling unit 
  • Rotary microtomes Leica RM2135 and RM2265 

Please contact Adelaide Microscopy for more details regarding sample preparation equipment booking or usage.