Fees & Charges

All major instrumentation at Adelaide Microscopy are charged on an hourly basis.

The rate charged depends on the funding source for the individual and not their status (as an example; university staff consulting for industry will be charged the hourly corporate rate). We encourage users to operate the instruments themselves, however, an Adelaide Microscopy staff member can provide this service for $98/hr in addition to the hourly instrument charge. Technical assistance is provided free of charge.

A sliding scale subsidy is offered to all government funded research, the categories are:

Student and Research Staff of The University of Adelaide*
Student and Research Staff of another Institution (not enrolled at UofA)

Fees and charges for equipment use and sample prep (excluding GST)

*To qualify for subsidised "Research Staff and Students of The University of Adelaide" rate, a University of Adelaide project code must be provided.  Students of affiliate staff who are not enrolled at The University of Adelaide, or affiliates who request an invoice to be sent to another Institution/Organisation, may not qualify for the this discounted rate and will be charged at the "Other Institution" rate. 

If you have any questions or would like further information, please contact Adelaide Microscopy reception on 8313 5855 or email.