Data Access

Data Management and Access

Are you looking for help organising your research data? Or do you need to remotely access an Adelaide Microscopy device?  Then see below for answers to your questions.

How do I organise my microscopy files?

Thoughtful file organisation makes research easier.  It will benefit the use and sharing, as well as short and long-term storage of your microscopy images.

As part of our facility inductions, we now provide training in file organisation covering file naming, directory structures and documentation.  All users affiliated with The University of Adelaide, and who register with Adelaide Microscopy, will be enrolled in the Research Data Management for Microscopy training resource (look out an invitation in your inbox!).  This course is hosted within MyUni.

External and existing users can access the video and course materials via the links below.

Note that eligible Higher Degree by Research students can claim 1 CaRST credit upon completion of the training.

If you are an existing user interested in file organisation training, then please contact for enrolment into the MyUni course.

LINK TO TRAINING VIDEOS: Research Data Management for Microscopy - YouTube

ADDITIONAL COURSE MATERIALS, including worksheets and templates are available for download:



Template README file

README file – biological

README file – geological

README file – plant sciences


How can I remotely access an Adelaide Microscopy computer?

Many Adelaide Microscopy systems can be remotely accessed via a licensed version of TeamViewer.  Adelaide Microscopy can provide our users with a license for accessing these devices.

To remotely access an Adelaide Microscopy system:

Install TeamViewer on your device. TeamViewer is available for download via the following link

Request a TeamViewer licence. Please email requests to and provide the following information:

A-number (external users please read below)

First Name and Surname

Email address

Name of the device you plan to access (we will provide passwords only for the devices requested)

I am an external user

External users must register for an external account via the link Register | University of Adelaide

Once registered, please forward your details (the username, first name, surname, and email used to register) to  Please also provide the name of the devices you plan to remotely access.

Apply for an IT Security Exception (optional). If you plan to use TeamViewer while you are connected to the University of Adelaide network, then you will need to apply for an IT Security Exception See an example below to assist you in completing the IT Security Exception form.

<insert faq-itsecurityexception.png>

Sign-in to the TeamViewer app.  Once you receive your license, follow the steps in the image below to access the microscopy device.

External users should use the email address with which they registered.

We will provide the passwords only for the devices listed in your request.

How to access Teamviewer

Note, as the number of licences is limited, we kindly ask that you let us know when you no longer require a licence so that it can be assigned to other users. The processing of your request can take up to 2-3 working days. You will receive a confirmation via email once this has been actioned.

If you have problems accessing TeamViewer, please email for support.


Looking for something else?

For other data-related queries, please contact Bryant Roberts, Data and Informatic Specialist at Adelaide Microscopy. Email: or telephone 08 8313 5855.