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Phone: +61 8 8313 5855
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Director: Angus Netting
Administrative Staff:  Stacey Williams and Jennie McCulloch


Ground Floor NG13, Helen Mayo North Building, Frome Road
Adelaide  SA  5000

Adelaide Microscopy Reception is available 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday and is located on the ground floor of Helen Mayo North. 

Pedestrian access is via the front doors of the Helen Mayo North building.  Once you have entered the foyer, turn left, walk past the lifts and you will see Reception (NG13) directly in front of you.  If entering from the rear of the building, press the doorbell at either the ground or basement levels for access.

Parking can be arranged for visitors from other campuses, corporate clients or service engineers by booking a departmental permit for use in our visitors reserved parking bays at the back of the building.  Please note, however, that these parking spaces are shared with other areas of the University and are not always guaranteed to be vacant upon arrival. Please phone or email for permit bookings and details.  The permit should be collected from Reception within ten minutes of entry into the carpark. 

Alternative parking is usually available in the multi-level carpark (U-Park) situated on the old Royal Adelaide Hospital Grounds.  To enter, turn left off Frome Road before the Helen Mayo Building (if travelling south) or turn right off Frome Road at the old RAH hospital entrance (if travelling north). Numerous on-street parks can also be found along Frome Road adjacent the Adelaide Zoo, and on Victoria Drive between Torrens River and the University of Adelaide, but have restricted time limits.

Access to our laboratories is by swipe card only.  Please contact  for further information.

Frome Road Google Maps reference 3JJ4+MQ

Centre contacts

Dr Animesh Basak
Dual Beam Engineer
Speciality Dual Beam SEM (FIB)

Dr Sarah Gilbert
Microanalysis Specialist

Dr Agatha Labrinidis
Facility Manager AHMS
Advanced Light Microscopy, Live cell microscopy, Preclinical in vivo imaging, Micro-CT and Image Analysis

Mr Chris Leigh
Biological Electron Microscopist
Speciality Biological TEM, Microtomy and sample preparation for TEM, SEM and LM

Dr Gwen Mayo
Waite Facility Supervisor 
Speciality Plant Sample preparation techniques, Microtomy, TEM, SEM and LM

Ms Aoife McFadden
Speciality SEM, Mineral Liberation Analysis, X-Ray Analysis, EBSD and ICPMS

Mr Ken Neubauer
Speciality High Resolution SEM, X-Ray Analysis, ESEM, Sample Coating & Preparation, AFM, Data Archiving, IT

Mr Angus Netting
Speciality Microanalytical techniques, ICPMS, SEM, Electron Microprobe, X-Ray Analysis and Physical Science Preparation

Dr Jane Sibbons
Bioscience Imaging Microscopist
Advanced Light Microscopy, in vivo imaging and live cell microscopy

Dr Ashley Slattery
TEM Microscopist
Speciality High resolution transmission electron microscopy

Dr Benjamin Wade
Speciality Geological techniques, ICPMS, SEM, Electron Microprobe, X-Ray Analysis and Physical Science Preparations. State rep for AMAS