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Working with Industry

Adelaide Microscopy has a strong commitment to providing expert analytical services and access to a broad range of analytical tools for industrial researchers and commercial clients.

With a long history of collaboration with Industry, Adelaide Microscopy has the staff expertise and extensive experience to apply a diverse range of samples to microscopy. The facility is conveniently located within the Adelaide central business district on Frome Rd.

Adelaide Microscopy is staffed with full-time microscopists and skilled technical officers. The staff have many years of accumulated knowledge in microscopy and experience in the biological and materials sciences.

The centre's microscopes provide high resolution imaging of biological (tissue, plant etc.), geological, physical and chemical materials down to nano-dimensions. They also provide analytical information through x-ray analysis. Increasingly these techniques are developing the capability of examining the structure of materials in 3-D. Many microscopes at the centre now provide these capabilities.

What We Provide

  • Fast turn around time with prompt and professional service.
  • Expert advice and guidance in all areas of preparation techniques for biological, chemical and material samples for microscopy.
  • An experienced operator for all instrumentation if required at no extra charge. Data collection and reporting on all aspects of sample examination.
  • Hands on training for microscope operation and sample preparation techniques by highly skilled microscopists if required.

Ask us for a quote and advice on the best technique by calling us on 08 8313 5855 or email.

Adelaide Microscopy

Ground Floor NG13,
Helen Mayo Building North
Frome Road
The University of Adelaide
SA 5005

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T: +61 8 8313 5855

Opening Hours

Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm
(except public holidays and University closure days over the Christmas/New Year period)

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