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Training & Workshops

It is important to discuss your needs with us with an Adelaide Microscopy staff member at a New User Meeting to make sure the right techniques are used to achieve maximum results.

We will also advise you on sample preparation as this can be the most time consuming aspect of your microscopy and is quite often the most important as it will affect your end result.

All users are required to comply with OH&S requirements and need to have read the induction document and safe operating procedures.

Qualified Adelaide Microscopy staff are responsible for training all users for all instruments and laboratory procedures. A training session will usually take 1-3 hours. A four hour booking is advised for the initial session which allows additional time to examine your own samples. It is important that you have your samples ready for examination ie. prepared, mounted and coated. Please allow a  minimum of three business days for any type of sample coating.

For the purposes of training, quite often a standard sample is used. Training is charged at the hourly rate depending on funding type. For example students will be charged at the student rate for that instrument. See the full price list here.

Specific training courses are also offered by Adelaide Microscopy.

Workshop Program

Myscope Open external site link in new window - a free online 24/7 training tool designed and deployed by Microscopy Australia - myscope.


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