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Analytical Techniques

Sample Analysis Using Electron Microscopy

Analytical techniques used on electron microscopes to obtain images and elemental information:

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Image Analysis

Image analysis software (analySIS) is available at the centre for the processing of images and x-ray maps, both offline and on the CM100 TEM instrument. Image analysis enables processing of data e.g. quantification of particle sizes, distribution, statistics etc. It allows the visual information in an image to be converted into numerical form, which can be compared and analysed. Processing images this way also allows them to be prepared for publication.

A digitised grey-scale image is processed, to highlight the regions of interest, and then converted into a binary (black and white) image. The features of interest, which now appear black against a white background, are then measured and the data output and/or stored and analysed.

Other image analysis software packages available include:

FIJI ImageJ Open external site link in new window - Free image analysis software program

EMSIS Open external site link in new window ( formerly Olympus Soft Imaging Systems) - AnalySIS Image Analysis Package

Iatia - QPe Phase Contrast Software

ZEISS - Kontron Image Analysis Package

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