SASH Information Network

The Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Information Network (SASHIN) is made up of University of Adelaide staff who are committed to ensuring the University is a safe and respectful environment.

SASHIN members are trained staff members who can provide students with information about their options relating to support services and reporting processes. 

SASHIN members will:
•    Listen without judgement
•    Refer students to relevant support services 
•    Provide information about reporting processes
•    Respect the student’s right to make their own decisions
•    Complete de-identified reporting via Safer Campus Community website

SASHIN members will not:
•    Provide counselling services
•    Undertake investigations

Training  provided to SASHIN:
•    First Responder Training
•    SASHIN Training
•    Consent Matters training (online)
•    Responding to Disclosures of Sexual Assault (online)
•    Other training as required (includes updates by SASHIN co-ordinator)

Support Provided:
•    Ongoing support through SASHIN coordinator
•    Yearly event with SASHIN members
•    Other networking opportunities as available
•    EAP provider (CHG)

SASHIN Coordinator - Joanne McNamara *

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SASHIN members with an * next to their name are also members of the University’s ALLY Network. Members of this network are staff and students who have an understanding of LGBTIQ issues. For more information visit the ALLY Network webpage.