SASH Information Network

The Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Information Network (SASHIN) is made up of University of Adelaide staff who are committed to ensuring the University is a safe and respectful environment.

SASHIN members are trained staff members who can provide students with information about their options relating to support services and reporting processes. 

SASHIN members will:
•    Listen without judgement
•    Refer students to relevant support services 
•    Provide information about reporting processes
•    Respect the student’s right to make their own decisions
•    Complete de-identified reporting via Safer Campus Community website

SASHIN members will not:
•    Provide counselling services
•    Undertake investigations

Training  provided to SASHIN:
•    First Responder Training
•    Consent Matters training (online)
•    Other training as required (includes updates by SASHIN co-ordinator)

Support Provided:
•    Ongoing support through SASHIN coordinator
•    Yearly event with SASHIN members
•    Other networking opportunities as available
•    EAP provider (CHG)

Member bios are listed by area below. 

SASHIN members with an * next to their name are also members of the University’s ALLY Network. Members of this network are staff and students who have an understanding of LGBTIQ issues. For more information visit the ALLY Network webpage.

Joanne McNamara *

My position at the University is Student Counsellor, Specialist Sexual Violence Response and Training. As part of this role I coordinate the SASHI Network. I endeavour to improve responses at the University and prevent sexual harm, to make the University more safe and inclusive for our students.  I have a passion for social justice and for ending gender-based violence, and have worked in Women’s Health and Sexual Health for almost 30 years.

  • Antonette Severino

    My name is Antonette and I look after Postgraduate students enrolled in the Business School programs. I like the interactions with students especially those from diverse backgrounds. Prior to joining the University in 2013, I had the opportunity to live and work overseas giving me a better understanding and great respect of the different cultures and traditions.

  • Clement Low

    Hi, my name is Clement and I am a Student Adviser in the Professions Support Hub at the Faculty of the Professions.

    I look after a suite of undergraduate and postgraduate programs and my role involves assisting students from start to finish in their academic journey.

    Having previously been an international student myself, I understand the challenges and issues that most students face and can assist you. 

  • Francess Cricelli 

    As a proud member of the SASHIN Network, I am passionate about ensuring that our students feel safe and that we celebrate diversity and culture. Not only do I help students navigate the extensive range of support services available to assist them at all stages of their university journey, but I enjoy helping students develop strategies to work through challenges and achieve successful academic progress in their studies. I interact with a large number of students within the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences by providing advice and guidance with university policy, program rules and wellbeing support.

  • Ella Russo *

    As a passionate SASHIN member, I believe the safety of our students to be of the utmost importance on and off campus. I am the FHMS Student Support Officer and interact with a large cohort of students to provide guidance for referring to wellbeing services, academic progress and support to ensure a successful university journey. I use the pronouns she/her, am soon to be a member of the ALLY network and you can find me on the ground floor of Helen Mayo North building.

  • Jessica Robins

    I use the pronouns she/her. I am a trained member of SASHIN and the ALLY Network and have a background in working with people of diverse genders and sexualities. I am located in the Ingkarni Wardli Building at Ask ECMS on North Terrace Campus.

  • Bethanie Coggins

  • Sharon Kildare

    I have First Responder training (recognise and respond to discloures of rape and sexual assualt) and also Mental Health First Aid training. I work in the Science Service Hub as a student advisor and am also a mother of three children (aged 25, 22 and 17).

  • Sandra Caon-Parsons - ELC*

    Sandra is the Education Advisor at the University of Adelaide, English Language Centre (ELC) and am located on Level 11, 115 Grenfell Street, Adelaide. I have vast experience working in cross-cultural environments and an interest in enhancing students’ development of Intercultural Competency and Wellbeing. I am a member of the ALLY & SASH network at the University of Adelaide.

  • Tanya Dahlenburg - ELC

    My name is Tanya and I work at the English Language Centre, managing the operations and administration associated with our programs, including providing advice, support and other services to our students and staff.    Travelling around the world and working with international students has given me a deeper understanding of the challenges people face when studying and living in a place which has a different cultural background than their home country.  

  • Doreen Krumbiegel - Adelaide Graduate Research School

    I was born and raised in Germany and came to Australia in 2007. Over my career from basic researcher to project and operations manager I have been working with people of diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, religions, genders and sexualities. I am located on Level 10 in the Schulz Building (Adelaide Graduate Centre) on North Terrace.

  • Mel Officer - Ask Adelaide*

    I am a devoted committee member of the Women’s Professional Development network, advocating for equal opportunity in the workplace. I’m also an active member of the ALLY network and a first year Psychology student, passionate about the field of Neuropsychology. I am Mental Health First Aid trained and you can find me at Ask Adelaide, Hub Central.

  • Teegan Bryant - Wirltu Yarlu

    My name is Teegan and I am the Student Services Coordinator at Wirltu Yarlu Aboriginal Education. I am a Ngarrindjeri woman and my mob comes from Raukkan. At Wirltu Yarlu, I look after the Student Support team that provides individually tailored support to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students studying at The University of Adelaide.

  • Beth Loveys - Waite Campus

    I was born and raised in Adelaide but have spent time living and working overseas and interstate after completing my PhD at Flinders University. I started working for the University of Adelaide in 2011. I am an Education Specialist in the School of Agriculture Food and Wine you can find me at the Waite Campus in the Charles Hawker Building.

  • Sally Polkinghorne - Roseworthy Campus*

    Hi, I’m Sally and I’m the Student Support Coordinator at Roseworthy Campus. I work with the Counselling Support and Disability Support teams to provide an extension of these services to students at the Roseworthy Campus. In addition to this, I have established and coordinate a student driven, “Wellbeing team” to support the mental health and wellbeing of Roseworthy students. I’m particularly passionate about raising awareness, reducing stigma and changing the conversation around mental health.

  • Kiralee Vincent  - Roseworthy Campus