Support for Students

Your wellbeing is our first priority. If you have experienced the trauma of sexual assault, sexual harassment, or any other inappropriate behaviour it is your choice about who to talk to and whether to report the incident.

Whatever you decide, our staff are available to provide support, practical advice, information on reporting options and assistance in accessing academic adjustments.

When you contact our Counsellors, Student Grievance and Conduct Advisors, SASHIN Members or other support staff, we will:

  • listen to you without prejudice
  • explain and explore options with you
  • give care to what is important to you
  • take time to understand your desired outcome
  • keep you informed throughout the process.

The University is committed to providing accessible and non-discriminatory support services for students who are affected by Sexual Assault and/or Sexual Harassment. Additionally, we encourage all students to access support if they have been affected by any unacceptable behaviour such as domestic violence, bullying, or harassment. Support available for students includes:

  • counselling through the University’s Counselling Service or referral to other support services;
  • assistance in making a Report
  • assistance through the process of an investigation or misconduct process;
  • assistance in making an External Report to the police or other external agency; and
  • Reasonable Measures in order to minimise the potential for harm to any person including, but not limited to:
    • class timetable changes;
    • academic adjustments;
    • placement reassignment; and
    • temporary remote learning or working arrangements.