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Fools rush in

We’re always in a process of self-discovery. Talking to people has been really helpful for me to get a perspective on who I am. I’ve recently gone through a break up, and I’ve realised I’m an idiot. That sounds like I’m beating myself up, but I actually think (for the most part) it’s a good kind of foolishness. 

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Dear 2020


Dear 2020, you were definitely not the year most of us wanted or asked for as we were bidding 2019 farewell, but here you are. I’m grateful though, very grateful. I really wouldn’t have learned any of the things I know now if it weren’t for the curveballs this year has thrown my way. As the saying goes, ‘fine weather never made a skilled sailor’. It’s true, as cliché as it sounds. (Although I still sometimes wish none of us needed stormy weather to become savvy sailors.) Below are some of the critical things I learned from this year, but also some of the key takeaways from a recent workshop I attended with my HDR peers and new graduates. It was also fortunate that two senior academics, who were also PhD supervisors, were able to join us to share their postgraduate journeys and the different forms of ‘disruption’ that they had to navigate through. Why am I sharing this now, at the end of the year? It’s because although most students have finished their semester and exams are slowly concluding too, a lot of HDR students like me will need to be mindful that we give ourselves a chance to have a proper break during the summer break even though we can be silently plugging away with our writing and work.

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Black and white cookie recipe from newyorktimes.com

This recipe is from the New York Times website by writer Melissa Clark and is super easy to follow and provides great results to these yummy cookies. These cookies are simple to make and have a light, soft, and delicious taste. They are great with a hot beverage like tea, coffee, or hot chocolate for any time of day, but especially dessert! Thanks to New York Times website, you can expand your baking skills and your baking resume with this recipe to experience a great light snack for any time of day, and remember, always look to the cookie!

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My year in review

As we come to the end of 2020, let me run through some key themes or thoughts about my year. 

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This is the way

The Mandalorian is a piece of cinematic brilliance. I should clarify that I’m not being sponsored by Disney to promote their seeming monopoly on the entertainment industry. It’s just a series that draws a lot of things I love together. A Star Wars series, where Taika Waititi is a director, based on an iconic character with amazing concept art. 

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A new hobby: photography

Ocean by Cooper

I'm trying to motivate myself to learn and understand photography properly.

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Our first steps: on continuous learning and growing

My 10-month old has started taking her first steps and in addition to being wildly excited about all of this, I also found myself in awe. Well of course I’m biased, she’s brilliant, but she also gave me this opportunity to reflect on learning and growing in general. I mean, how do we learn how to walk? It looks like we do it by falling an incredibly large number of times. She also needed to learn how to let go of things that she could hold on to, in order for her to take her first steps.

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The bright side

As you may know if you’re a regular reader, I’ve previously challenged myself to write at least one upbeat, positive post a week. This has been one of the hardest things to do! 

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The Crown Season 4

Upon hearing that South Australia would be heading into (what was then though to be a six day lockdown), the most reassuring thought I had was that being forced to stay at home would give me the opportunity to binge the newly released season four of the Netflix prestige drama The Crown.

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Waste of time

I sit in a room I don’t want to be, listening to someone say things I am not interested in, as part of a life I am not excited for.

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