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Message from the Sponsor

Researcher Profiles will promote the University's reputation and that of our academic researchers by presenting up to date information and in a more visually attractive and accessible way, to enhance HDR student recruitment, research collaborations and industry and media engagement.

It remains surprisingly difficult to find information about potential collaborators at Universities because it can be poorly and inconsistently assembled and/or out of date. Poor visual presentation, even simply the absence of a photo, and out of date content, leaves a negative impression of the researcher and institution, compared with an attractive, informative and up-to-date web page.

The Researcher Profiles project aims to improve the consistency  and visual presentation of our researchers to the world, while at the same time automating the updating of the pages to keep the web page content current with minimal effort. Additional information about achievements and contributions in learning and teaching and other important activities will also be supported in the final stages of the project.

The Researcher Profiles Project Team is committed to:

  • Actively engage with academics and researchers to collect feedback to enhance our decision making;
  • Provide information sessions and support materials to make the transition as smooth as possible; and
  • Always help those who ask for assistance, by providing timely and responsive support.

I would encourage our academics and researchers to 'give this a go' and work with us to make your new profile the best it can be.  Have a look at my new profile page and you'll see what is possible with the Researcher Profiles.