Research Data Planner Sponsor Message

Pro Vice Chancellor - Research Operations

Creating a data management plan is an essential part of conducting research at the University of Adelaide.

Data management planning helps ensure that research data is managed well, stored securely, and can be retrieved and used when needed. Data management plans are required by many funding bodies as well as the University’s Research Data and Primary Materials Policy.

To improve the process of creating data management plans, we have created a user-friendly online tool called Research Data Planner that:

  • automatically loads existing information about research projects from Research Master to avoid re-entering content,
  • includes help and support material within the tool, and
  • stores plans centrally to enable better retrieval of research data if needed in future.

All new research projects will use the automated data management plans from February 2019, including grant, contract and internally-funded research. I encourage you to use Research Data Planner for all of your research projects, and to update the information as your needs change.

Kind regards,

Professor Mike Liebelt
Pro Vice-Chancellor - Research Operations
Dean of Graduate Studies