About Data Management Plans

According to the University's Research Data and Primary Materials Policy, all research projects for which the lead researcher is affiliated with the University of Adelaide require a data management plan. This applies whether the research is grant, contract or internally funded. Completing a data management plan is also a requirement for Higher Degree by Research students.

Why submit a data management plan?

Having a data management plan allows you to:

  • plan and document your strategy for managing data in your research project
  • review your data management decisions
  • record questions and items for action, and collaborate with colleagues.

If you are working in a team, a data management plan can be used to document individual responsibilities and make sure everyone has a shared understanding of them.

Creating a data management plan can help you better prepare for your research at the beginning of a project, but it's never too late in the research lifecycle to document a plan.

It is also a useful document for reporting to funding bodies.

In the case of externally-funded projects, funding may not be released until a data management plan is formally submitted.

Who needs to complete a data management plan?

For staff-led projects, the first-named University of Adelaide researcher (Chief Investigator) needs to complete the data management plan. All HDR students, in conjunction with their University of Adelaide supervisor, are required to complete a data management plan within six months of commencing their research project. They will also need to submit a final data management plan when they submit their thesis.