ORCiD for Academics

Academics are encouraged to sign up for and register their ORCiD with the University.

There are a number of ways you can use your ORCiD to make life a little bit easier and maximise the benefit of setting up an ORCiD. Click on ORCiD Support for further information on how to sign up and register.

Sign up or register my ORCiD

Things you should consider doing with your ORCiD

  • Step 1: Link your Author ID and Researcher ID

  • Step 2: Link it in Aurora and your Researcher Profile

  • Step 3: Provide it to publishers

    Your ORCiD can be provided to publishers (some already require this), allowing them to link your ORCiD to your publication.

    This will also enable online databases to accurately link your name to this publication, which will also enable internal University systems like Aurora, harvest your publications.

  • Step 4: Provide it to your funding bodies

    Some funding bodies require researchers to provide an ORCiD when submitting applications. In Australia the ARC and NHMRC have issued advice that they support the use of ORCiD.

    The University encourages researchers to provide their ORCiD when submitting applications using RMS (ARC), RGMS (NHMRC) and any other national or international schemes which request your ORCiD.