Intersect Partnership

Intersect delivers expert advice, compute and analysis platforms, data storage, custom engineering, consulting and training programs to thousands of researchers every year.

The University of Adelaide has partnered with Intersect to provide research technology and support to its research community.

Digital Research Analyst for Research Support

The University of Adelaide has a dedicated Digital Research Analyst who is primarily located on the North Terrace campus. The Digital Research Analyst can provide support, consultancy and advice to the University of Adelaide research community to optimise research outcomes through the application of advanced IT solutions, including the use of data storage, virtual machines, and research data management. The DRA works closely with UOA ITDS, the Library, Division of Research and Innovation, and has access to the diverse expertise of the Intersect Services Team. The DRA can therefore serve as a point of contact for any technology-related queries from researchers. The DRA is also responsible for managing the Intersect Digital Research Training Program.

Hamideh Iraj
Digital Research Analyst

Research-specific training

Throughout the year the Digital Research Analyst will coordinate and run multiple compute training sessions with a focus on research needs. These sessions will be offered to the university research community. 

Intersect’s training courses range from Introductory to Advanced, and cover concepts from Data Collection, Management, and Analysis to Software, Programming, and Advanced Computing.

Expression of Interest to attend an Intersect training course:

The full course catalogue is available on the Intersect Training page

University of Adelaide researchers are also permitted to attend Intersect-run courses at any of the Intersect member institutions (subject to availability). 

Data storage

Intersect provides various data storage solutions to university researchers (including those who were previous members of eRSA) through various ‘Space’ products. These include DeepSpace for archive data and WorkSpace for active research data. 

Cloud computing

Intersect also provides University of Adelaide researchers (including those who were previous members of eRSA) with virtual machines. Researchers can choose between parallel processing for maximum performance, cloud computing for horizontal scale, or dedicated hosting for domain-specific applications, as some examples.

Advanced Analytics & AI (3AI) Platform

Intersect 3AI Platform is a team of research-oriented data science and AI experts from diverse research backgrounds. We aim to advance research by leveraging data science and AI methods combined with digital tools, technologies and infrastructure. We provide full end-to-end hands-on support for data-intensive research.

Our support includes:

  • AI enabled Infrastructure & Operations: Enable stable, scalable, and sustainable infrastructure & operations capabilities.
  • AI & Data Science Application Support: Scalable and sustainable support: tailored to your requirements.
  • Project-based Support: Accelerate projects with hands-on data science and AI support.

You can access Intersect 3AI services in the way that best meets your needs: a part-time/full-time dedicated resource or project-based work. For more information please contact

Custom software engineering

Intersect provides a full software engineering service that includes project managers, business analysts, software engineers, user-interface designers and testers. This service is specifically focused on building research applications across a range of disciplines, and caters for both large and small projects.

Domain areas include:

  1. Data capture and data management
  2. Analytical software
  3. Data visualisation
  4. Workflow management

As the University of Adelaide is a member of Intersect, software engineering is available to University of Adelaide researchers for a fee. For further information, please contact your Digital Research Analyst